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Tree Removal

Tree removal is often necessary and is potentially very dangerous. Limbing (tree trimming) is less severe, but still is hazardous.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, it is not advisable that you try to remove trees.  There are so many hidden dangers in the process in performing the removal of trees. We encourage you to hire out this type of service.

If you have an old tree that towers dangerously over your home, this requires a tree service. Call RPR Tree Service to get a professional opinion for your particular set of needs. A general handyman typically doesn't have the experience to offer a valid consult.

How Necessary is Tree Removal?

This question seems to create a wide range of conflicting answers. We at RPR Tree Service feel strongly that trees should only be removed as a last resort. There are numerous factors to consider before making this important decision.

These considerations include:

  • Earth stability and density
  • Grade of the slope
  • Surrounding vegetation
  • Soil type and density of the stand
  • The ability of the tree to sprout
  • A possible hazard posed to structures, property or people
  • Age/ health/ stability and density of the tree.
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Removal Videos
After A Storm!           
All tree removals should be executed by licensed and bonded professionals, regardless of the specific problem discovered during the evaluation. RPR Tree Service follows all standards set by the industry standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of every project.
RPR Tree Service utilizes the right equipment, experience, and expertise to perform any removal in almost any circumstance. The method and equipment used will be determined by the size, age, condition, and location of the tree(s) selected for removal.
Once a tree has been removed, we offer Stump Grinding Services to eliminate the remaining stump quickly and effectively.  Ask to see if we have any promotions on FREE Stump Grinding Services.
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We will do a complete evaluation to determine what services are needed if any. A consultation with our arborist is FREE OF CHARGE.