Stump Grinding


Trees and shrubs that lose their leaves in the fall, such as big leaf maples, willows, and alders are most likely to sprout again from their stumps. Evergreen trees with thin, leaves, needles and/ or cones generally do not sprout after cutting.How necessary is Stump Removal? Tree stumps can be unattractive and take up needed space. They can cause damage to lawn mowers and form hazardous obstacles in the yard. Depending on the requirements for your area, we advise grinding stumps down to a depth of 6” to 12”. The depth will differ for various situations, such as landscaping plans, construction needs, etc.

Stump grinding is a far less abrasive method of stump removal than traditional approaches. It is cost effective and conducive to your landscaping goals. The area can immediately be enhanced simply adding new topsoil and planting grass or shrubs. However, we discourage replanting a tree with a large root system in the close proximity of the newly removed stump. Replanting elsewhere will ensure the proper root growth of your new tree. An added bonus is the top-grade mulch created by the stump grinder, which we encourage you to use around your gardens, flowerbeds and at the base of trees.

If you are tired of mowing around stumps, or simply wish to enhance the appearance of your property, call RPR Trees today for a free estimate. Our crews work quickly and professionally, and we pride ourselves on IMMACULATE clean-up.

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