Tree Trimming



  • Proper pruning helps establish and maintain healthier, stronger, safer and more aesthetically pleasing trees. It is also one of the wisest long-term investments you can make in your property.Here are some reasons to trim trees:The deadwood on a tree is the prime reason for decay, disease and insect problems for your trees. Removing this deadwood can improve the health of your tree and it will look visually better as a result.
  • Branches that are poorly attached, weak or broken are very common due to a variety of reasons. To add structure and strength to your trees branches, more in certain species of trees than others, it is essential to know which branches to remove.
  • Many trees can become hazardous from limbs that are effected by the above mentioned reasons. RPR Tree Service trained arborist can evaluate and reduce risks through proper trimming.
  • Tree crowning and trimming of excessively long branches brings the tree back to a more natural and appealing form.
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  • We may be able to help if your tree is having problems related to:With transplanted trees.
  • Trees are planted improperly.
  • With trees in poorly drained soils.
  • When trees are showing premature decline.
  • With chlorotic (The yellowing or whitening of normally green plant tissue because of a decreased amount of chlorophyll, often as a result of disease or nutrient deficiency) trees.

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